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June 14, 2017
Road Safety is our mandate and not a CSI initiative!
July 11, 2017
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National Commissioner of Police Isaac Magagula has appealed to the structures yet to debate the new traffic regulations to apply their minds appropriately on their significance, because the fact cannot be overlooked that speed, as well as ignoring other road safety rules cause fatalities.

He said that as the debate continued to unravel, it would be helpful for the focus to be more about the criticality of saving life as opposed to monetary considerations as the essence of enforcing road safety regulations was primarily about protecting lives asopposed to revenue collection.

He made these remarks when officially receiving a speed camera donated by the SMVA Fund.

“The new speed machine is received in the background of a debate about the need and advisability of reviewing the existing Schedule of Traffic Fines Regulations to have a stricter and deterrent fines regime. The debate and our receipt of the camera is coincidental and should not be construed as an initiative of bolstering a revenue collection drive by the police as often misguidedly perceived whenever the police are enforcing Traffic Laws,” he said.

Magagula also highlighted that the main responsibility of the police was to enforce traffic rules in order to save lives and urged the general public, government and stakeholders to continue assisting the police ensure law and order.

In closing, the NatCom thanked the SMVAF for their donation and hope that the Fund would continuing to support them as their most trusted in road safety.

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