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Sunday, August 20, 2017, 1:09 pm

SMVAF News - Sincephetelo MVA Fund works with Road Safety Stakeholder Alliance in reducing road traffic crashes.

29 September, 2014 - The SMVA Fund and its alliance partners have launched a new "back-to-school, back-to-basics" road safety campaign which focuses on sensitizing inner city road users about the importance of respecting traffic laws. This campaign targets drivers who conform to traffic rules in the capital city as well as pedestrian and school going pupils. Unpacking the campaign, Mr. Helmon Vilakati, the Fund's CEO, said it is intended at encouraging behavioral change among both motorists and pedestrians. "The campaign has been designed on the premise of the 'carrot and stick' principle where good behavior is rewarded, while an offence is punished," said Mr. Vilakati, who is also Chairman of the Swaziland Road Safety Stakeholder Alliance.

Stakeholder Alliance. The campaign is scheduled to run for 20 days. Mr. Vilakati said the campaign piggy backed on the back to school fever in response to statistics that suggested that many of the road accident victims were school going children. This kind of project is curbed to the capital city but plans are in the works to roll it out nationwide, however the message would be communicated through media houses. He further explained that there are volunteers who would be designated at all zebra crossings and other spots to record the car registrations of motorists who followed traffic laws. The number plates would be used during a draw where the winner will take home a cash prize of E1'000.00.

Mr. Vilakati also mentioned that pedestrians would be incentivized for crossing the road at designated areas. He said they were expected to cross the road at a designated area faster and using the shortest possible route, at least 50 meters from their stand point. If they do this they stand a chance of winning themselves the cash prize of E1 000.00 The Chairman also said that 12 spots have been identified within and outside the city, where the officers would be assigned. Motorists therefore would be expected to obey all stop signs, pedestrian crossings, traffic lights and solid lines. The campaign draws starting on Friday 7th February 2014.With the need to move this campaign into high gear and steer our nation to safer roads ahead. This kind of operation would work at sparing people from avoidable deaths and injuries that cause so much anguish and cost for our communities. The Fund aims to reduce the number of claims. Great inspiration derived from the Decade of Action Plan.


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