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Sunday, August 20, 2017, 1:09 pm

SMVAF News - MVA, Traffic Police Officers share ideas on proposed MVA Police Report

17 June, 2016 - In a bid to further strengthen the already existing working relationship between the Sincephetelo Motor Vehicle Accidents Fund (SMVAF) and the Royal Swaziland Police traffic department, the Fund's management met with senior traffic police officers from nationwide police stations. The meeting was aimed at amassing information from the officers in connection with obtaining a police report after the occurrence of a road accident; the primary document required by the Fund for one (claimant) to be eligible to lodge a claim with the Fund.

Speaking whilst introducing the Fund's lawyers from Howe Masuku and Sibandze Attorneys to the traffic enforcers, SMVAF CEO Helmon Vilakati said it was imperative that as new laws were enacted by parliament (such as the Amended MVA Act of 2011), it was just as important for organisations to shift and move focus with the times in order to better serve the Fund's clients. He said that the claim form currently being used by the Fund was not entirely aligned with the accident reports issued by the police, hence there was numerous vital information that the Fund overlooked, which in turn thwarted the efforts of the Fund's internal investigations department in relation to ascertaining all the merits of the accident.

He informed the officers that the Fund's lawyers' wish was to incorporate a section in the claim form where the officer who had attended the accident scene would inscribe all the details regarding the accident, but this would be subject to approval by legislation, hence their input was highly invaluable. "The purposes for these consultations are to help us further in ensuring that we obtain all the necessary information in order to establish all the details of an accident when looking at processing a claim. We thank the police force for tirelessly working diligently in providing the necessary support to our organisation and we pledge that we are always ready to work hand in hand with the police as they are one of our major stakeholders," he said.

Speaking on behalf of the police officers across the 24 police stations in attendance, Inspector Mbongeni Mabaso from the Police Head Quarters in Mbabane lauded the approach from the Fund with regards to the consultations. "We appreciate that the Fund has called and asked for our input as the officers who deal with these issues on ground level. We are always willing to work with the Fund in helping their clientele and we believe such consultations will also aid our superiors when it comes to formalising policies which are related to the MVA Fund's request today," he said.


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