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SMVAF News - Sophie Ndaba at Farai Foundation Charity

8 December, 2014 - MBABANE Former Generations actress Sophie Ndaba is not just a celebrity interested in glitz and glamour, as she was in the country on Friday the 28th November 2014 for the Farai Foundation Charity. The event took place at the SOS Children's Village, where the orphans got early Christmas presents in the form of clothes and food items.

The Farai Foundation is a brain child of a South African based young man, Farai Chabata. Farai Foundation is a non-profit organization and operates exclusively for charitable purposes to support education in Southern Africa. In each country the founding members select sponsors to assist in getting the much needed food and second hand clothing for the orphans. The aim is to collect empty boxes, fill them up with Christmas goodies, write one's name on top and then distribute these boxes to the children on the Friday. The Farai Foundation is dedicated to seeing more pupils from disadvantaged communities' access education by providing access to scholarships, stationery, school, uniforms, study material, classrooms and other opportunities, at both primary and secondary levels.

Sophie Ndaba a well known actress and entrepreneur decided to use her star power to bring more attention to the plight of the children. S.M.V.A.Fund supported the noble event with food parcels and shoe boxes filled with goodies as it is also has a house of children (Emaphetselweni House) it ropes at the SOS village

Platinum-This year's platinum partners include Standard Bank, KPMG, Computronics Systems, PMT, PWC, Momentum, Roka Swazi Entertainment, Sincephetelo M.V.A. Fund, Swazi Plaza, Happy Valley Hotel, Kokonut Stylist, Griam Consulting, Swazi Jive, The Lords SD and Gridbow Swaziland. This year's event has also created opportunities for Swazi Youth owned businesses to provide their services.


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