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June 7, 2017
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14 June, 2017 – Sincephetelo MVA Fund was cordially invited by the Nhlangano Police- Crime Prevention Department to participate in a Zion Church night of public education and prayer on various topics from various from their different stakeholders. This was on the 03rd -04th June 2017 at Ngwane College hall starting at 21 00HRS. The forum brought together 17 branches of Zion Membership from ALL NATIONS CHRISTIAN CHURCH IN ZION and had in attendance not less than 1500 congregants. Amongst the speakers in dishing out public education was CRIME PREVENTION POLICE DEPARTMENT (NHLANGANO), JUDICIARY (PROSECTION-NHLANGANO) and TRAFFIC-NHLANGANO POLICE and SINCEPHETELO MVA FUND (COMMUNICATIONS DEPARTMENT). This holy and beautiful assembly of ZION was honoured by the presence and participation of the HON. Minister of TInkhundla and Member of Parliament MaseyisinI Inkhundla Mduduzi “Small Joe” Dlamini, Assistant Commissioner of Police and Shiselweni Regional Commander Madam Wendy Hleta, Station Commander Nhlangano Police Station Mr. Ginindza , Bishop R.B. Lukhele of the National Christian Church in ZION nabefundisi for all the branches represented in the forum.

Sincephetelo MVA Fund was given the podium for over an hour where detailed deliberation on the operations of the fund were dished out to the vigilant and excited congregants in Zion. Of course, true to their nature and practice, they would at times break into a song that would shake the very floor and rock the roof of the hall where we were all housed for the holy educational sessions. In the content of the presentation the membership was exposed to the establishment of the Fund and the legislation that supports the entity which Parliament Act NO: 13 of 1991 and Amendment Act Of 2011. The circumstances under which the Fund came into existence and the purpose it serves so diligently amongst road users was also exposed in the deliberations. The lecture went on to cover services and products offered to the public claimants whose injuries and death would have emanated from the wrongful driving of a motor vehicle. We also discussed at length the needful documents supportive in a lodged claim and same tallied with presentation from other speakers especially in matters of BMDs (Birth Marriage and Death certificates) which appear to be giving many departments offering social services a nightmare.

The Sincephetelo MVA Fund had also brought into the symposium branded merchandise in T-shirts, Holy Bibles., Hymn Books and warm hats as prizes to be won by the congregants who would respond accurately to questions that were asked after the presentation. The enthusiasm to ask and answer question gave us clear benchmark to us that the presentation reached its mark and that the attention of the congregants was at its highest ebb. We take this opportunity express our boundless gratitude to the Nhlangano Police-Crime Prevention Department for their avid stakeholdership in which many cases they have invited us to rich forums where education relevant to our practice would be found to be very needful and appreciated. We have discovered that the church is fertile ground for public education and if the Zion prayer and education is anything to go by, we shall continue exploring other denominations for a similar engagement. We continue to hold hands with them as we break into other avenues of society and give public education on the operations of Sincephetelo MVA FUND.

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