Road Safety is our mandate and not a CSI initiative!

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July 10, 2017
August 10, 2017
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…As clarified by Sincephetelo MVA Fund CEO when handing over a E170000 worth speed camera to National Commissioner of Police in the ongoing fight against speeding!

Sincephetelo Motor Vehicle Accidents Fund (SMVAF) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Helmon Vilakati has come out to state that road safety interventions set in motion by the SMVAF were not a form of corporate social investment, but rather a mandate proclaimed in the MVA Amended Act of 2011.

Vilakati shared these sentiments when handing over a Prolaser speed camera to the National Commissioner of Police Isaac Magagula at the Royal Swaziland Police Head Quarters. The Prolaser 4 is the most advanced gadet in the range.

He said that the Fund was compelled to promote and support road safety awareness and fund research in connection with the development of accident reduction strategies in conjunction to the Fund’s core business of rehabilitating and compensating road accident victims.

“We have seen the countless road safety campaigns and roadshows undertaken by the police in promoting responsible driving. As a road safety partner, we felt it necessary to continue helping you to prevent road accidents and this speed camera is donated to help you deter motorists from speeding because we know that speed regulations are put in place for safety purposes,” he said.

Vilakati applauded the police for the wonderful work they have done in the past and wished the all the best as they continued to execute the tasks set out for them.

This is the third speed camera device donated by the organisation to the RSP to assist them in the alleviation of road traffic accidents.

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