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November 12, 2015
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December 4, 2015
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13 November, 2015 – Breadwinners who fall victim to the harsh reality of road accidents have been urged to share their payslips with their loved ones so their claims may be processed faster at the Sincephetelo Motor Vehicle Accidents Fund (SMVAF).

This was revealed by MVA Stakeholder Relations Officer Dumisa Dlamini during the organisation’s public education exercise held at the Lomahasha Inkhundla yesterday. Dlamini said that because the Fund offered a benefit known as Loss of Support, which is the support child(ren) receive from the Fund for the demise of breadwinners, it was vital that a claim be accompanied by the payslip of the late party so that the Fund could quantify accordingly what the beneficiary should receive. He said that in some cases, children suffer more than just the death of a parent as once there is no accompanying documentation, a child is forced to drop out of school for instance just because the money they would receive from the Fund would be held back because the Fund was still verifying the merits of the late parents’ salary.

He stated that it was for this reason that families should always be honest and truthful to one another as a family’s way of life could forever be changed by a single accident. “Nobody knows when an accident will take away the life of a loved one. It is for this reason that parents should provide information such as their payslips to their families so that the family can quickly produce the documentation to the Fund and receive what is rightfully theirs as stipulated in the MVA Amended Act no 13 of 2011, provided that the parent was not the culprit responsible for the causation of the accident” he said.

Dlamini also added that besides payslips, documents such as children’s birth certificates should also contain both parents’ particulars to make life easier for both their dependants and the Fund should anything happen to them on the road. He also educated the masses, who were over 300 in number, about the other benefits that the Fund offers which include Loss of Earnings, Personal Injury benefits, Funeral Expenses and General Expenses.

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