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3 November, 2015 – As assured by our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Helmon Vilakati in our May Sincephetelo newsletter “to visit the maximum amount of constituencies possible educating the nation on their legal right to claim when involved in a road traffic accident”, the Sincephetelo Motor Vehicle Accidents Fund (SMVAF) has stayed true to this statement, having already distributed its claims cycle process to all 55 Tinkhundla centres nationally. Apart from this, the Fund has also been hard at work enlightening the public in various constituencies and chiefdoms.

Siphofaneni and Kwaluseni constituencies as well as the Nceka chiefdom in the Manzini region have all been well-articulated on the legalities necessary for one to qualify to be compensated in the event of a road accident. Dumisa Dlamini, the Fund’s Stakeholder Management Officer who is also principally responsible for public education, highlighted amongst other things how many a claim has been stalled in the past due to claimants not presenting the necessary documentation required for one to be eligible for a claim. He stressed how birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates and many other omissions such as receipts have seen individuals not qualifying to be compensated although the victims were products of horrendous road crashes not of their own cause.

“The road is meant to be used responsibly by motorists, pedestrians and passengers. We have witnessed a number of horrific crashes where many Swazi people have been seriously injured but only to find that that person’s claim is brought to a complete standstill because the relevant documentation is not readily available when required for the claims process to continue,” he said. He accentuated how important it was for one to read the copy of their police report (primary document required for lodging a claim), so as to confirm that the information stated within the report is accurate. “Although you are at liberty to write an affidavit recording the events leading to the accident as you recall them, it is vital to ensure that all information in the police report is precise so that your claim is not stalled by minor things such as incorrect spelling of one’s surname or that the document contains your maiden surname whereas your identification card consists of your marriage name,” he elaborated.

Mkhosi Dlamini, the incumbent Member of Parliament (MP) for the Kwaluseni Constituency praised the SMVAF management for decentralising the services the organisation offers to road accident victims. “I am grateful to the MVA for taking time to come and educate the people of Kwaluseni on the services offered by their organisation. We know them as a company based in Mbabane and we are used to only hearing and seeing them on radio and television, but their presence here today has proved that they are now bringing their services closer to the people, as they have also opened an office in Manzini,” he emphasised. Nceka Chiefdom Headman Nehemiah Simelane shared similar sentiments as MP Dlamini in the regard that the Fund was going out to the people and informing them. “I believe that our people are now very enlightened on the services of the MVA. I did not really understand what their mandate is but I now understand and appreciate that they are more about rehabilitating victims which is good for our people,” said Simelane.

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