SMVAF News – Sincephetelo partakes in St. Phillip’s MR14 road walk

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14 May, 2015 – With the completion of the St. Phillip’s MR14 road down in the Lubombo region, the Big Bend police station hosted a walk to sensitise road users on the new, advanced road. Consisting of Sincephetelo staff members, scholars, the police, the Road safety Council and a number of other organisations, the walk took place starting from the Ngcamphalala royal kraal and ended at Phumla Mcashe in Sibetsaphi.

Speaking on behalf of the Road Safety Council, Thembani Dlamini informed all present on how to utilise the new road in a safe manner. She urged all present to always wear reflective clothing and to always walk on the right side of the road. “There are a number of schools that are in close proximity to the road and that could pause as a danger to school going children. I plead with all scholars to always be alert when walking alongside the road and to face on-coming traffic when walking,” she said.

Apart from that, she also highlighted the area’s high number of stray cattle saying that motorists should be weary of such. “Livestock is a Swazi way of life and our means of survival so it is very disheartening that cattle owners do not take care of their cattle which in turns cause loss of lives on the roads when this can be avoided,” Dlamini added.

Lubombo Assistant Regional Commander Wendy Hleta echoed Dlamini’s words on road safety and also touched on the increasing crime rate in the region. “This region is known for its sugar production and we have been receiving a number of complaints on the theft of fencing which is meant to help the people of this region. We are hurting the efforts of the associations as the very cattle then stray onto the roads since the fencing has been stolen which in turn causes accidents,” Mrs. Hleta said. Others speakers who spoke during the walk include Population Services International (PSI), Emergency Medical Services (EMS), the Crime Prevention Unit, Domestic Violence Unit and the Swaziland Water and Agricultural Development Enterprise (SWADE) who all touched on how the new road would assist them in achieving their respective mandates. The Sincephetelo Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (SMVAF) also handed out brochures on the services offered by the organisation as well as promotional materials to the students who answered some of the questions correctly.

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