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The Motor Vehicle Accidents Fund (MVA Fund) commenced operations under the fuel levy system on the 1st January 1988.

The MVA Fund was established by an Act of Parliament under the Motor Vehicle Accidents Act No. 13 of 1991 as the instrument by which the Government of Swaziland compensates road accidents victims who have suffered bodily injuries or loss of support following the death of breadwinners. Between 1973 and 1986, compensation to road victims was operated by the Insurance Industry under Third Party premiums.

“ To be a road accident fund that provides best care and excellent service for value”.

“To effectively provide quality medical treatment, rehabilitation and compensation for motor vehicle accident victims, and to collaborate with stakeholders in the prevention of road traffic accidents, through implementing global best practices.”

P- Professionalism - Bunyonincwa.

I – Integrity - Bucotfo

C – Compassion - Luvelwano

T – Teamwork - Lubanjiswano

I – Innovation


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