House Handover

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October 11, 2017
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April 22, 2018
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House Handover

Christmas came early for Gogo Elizabeth Dlamini of Mhlabubovu yesterday as she received a brand new 2 bedroom house courtesy of the Sincephetelo Motor Vehicle Accidents Fund (SMVAF) and His Majesty’s Correctional Services.

This was after the two entities joined forces to build the elderly Dlamini a house through the facilitation of Lobamba Lomdzala Member of Parliament Marwick Khumalo, whose jurisdiction Dlamini falls under.

Khumalo, when making his remarks said that Gogo Elizabeth had long been living at the constituency premises, since her stick and mud house had been deteriorating and would fall to the ground anytime soon hence she feared for her life.

“When Gogo Dlamini came and told us about her plight, we surveyed the place and indeed saw that Dlamini was in dire need of proper accommodation.  Given her age and that she falls under our constituency, we approached partners who could assist us making Dlamini’s dream a reality and today we are witnessing the handover of a new home thanks to the joint venture between Sincephetelo MVA Fund and the Correctional Services,” he said.

Khumalo added that the Fund offered the building materials to erect the house, whilst the Correctional Services offered the skilled labour to build the house from the ground until its completion.

SMVAF Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Helmon Vilakati when addressing the gathering said that the organisation was glad to play an assistive role through its Corporate Social Investment (CSI) policy, especially where the elderly are concerned.

“We all know that His Majesty’s Government takes care of the elderly and we are humbled to be assisting government in their role of caring for them.  We know that the elderly possess knowledge that money cannot buy and it is therefore important that we take care of them as they hold all the information on the history of our nation,” he said.

Vilakati then handed over some food items to Gogo Dlamini and wished her well as she moved into her new house.

His Majesty’s Correctional Services Commissioner Phindile Dlamini, who represented Commissioner General Mzuthini Ntshangase, said that they were also grateful to play a contributing role in the lives of the elderly in the nation.

“We would like to thank the Lobamba Lomdzala Inkhundla for approaching us.  Part of our mandate through our rehabilitative process as an organisation is to upskill our inmates with skills that may assist them find employment once they have been freed from the correctional centre.  Initiatives such as these assist our inmates acquire the necessary hands on experience and we would like to urge organisations and companies to make use of our students once they have been released back into society as they will have obtained all the necessary experience,” she said.




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