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May 7, 2020
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Jude is leading a life he didn’t plan or envisage, and one that, in recent years, has included considerable challenges. Yet he says he wouldn’t change it for anything. He is a former rugby player and a biker, until he met his tragedy: he crashed his motorcycle onto a kombi that abruptly stopped as he approached behind. With the support of his family, and the encouragement of his fiancé and kids, friends, the SMVAF Officers and medical professionals, Jude has both accepted and conquered the injury he sustained in the accident.

Jude speaks fondly about prospects of growing his budding truck business, and he credits returning to meaningful work as key to recovery. He has learnt to adapt to his new life thanks to the prosthetic leg, and, is very thankful to those who sensitised his family about the Fund in a time of dire need.

While in intensive care in a SA hospital, he recalls that his medical cover had run out, and expulsion was imminent. His family helped lodge a claim, which triggered the intervention by Sincephetelo. “The MVA Fund came to my rescue just in time and assisted with my medical and rehabilitative bills. I was fortunate to hear about the Fund and the benefits they offer to accident victims and today I am able to play a meaningful role in my family. The attention and care of MVA officers played a huge role in ensuring that the loss of my leg did not affect what I love to do best which is the trucking business.”

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