MVA Mobile office assists over 100 in 2 weeks

October 9, 2019
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November 1, 2019
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MVA Mobile office assists over 100 in 2 weeks

Speak of customer care.

The Sincephetelo Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (SMVAF) took advantage of the Customer Care week by taking its services to the people where the Fund does not have a presence through its “Coming to a town near you” slogan.

Over 100 claimants were serviced through the Fund’s mobile office, which was procured to serve accident victims as part of the company’s decentralisation strategy.

In the two weeks that the mobile office was on the road in towns such as Nhlangano, Lavumisa, Siteki, Lomahasha and Mhlume, many claimants took advantage of the courtesy provided by the organisation, through coming in their numbers to lodge their claims, check progress on existing claims and to learn more about the Fund’s Ekuphileni Clinic and the various services offered amongst others.

SMVAF Communications Manager Makhosi Magongo said that although the activity had almost come to its finality, with only Mankayane left on October 21, the public should not worry as this was to be an ongoing project going into the future.

“We have witnessed that the mobile office definitely does add value to our claimants in terms of bringing our services closer to them and we shall be continuing this exercise going into towns that are far from our service centres or where we do not have a presence,” he said.

He hailed the claimants for making good use of the mobile office in the different locations it had visited saying that them coming in their numbers showcased that indeed the mobile office was filling a gap which was previously untapped.

“This will be an ongoing programme which will be held throughout the country, particularly in towns where the Fund currently has no physical offices. We shall advertise via the various marketing channels available when and where we shall be headed next so claimants can prepare themselves in advance,” he added.

He added that the Fund recently completed a customer perception survey, and one of the issues raised by clients and stakeholders was that of location of the Fund.

“In response to the outcry, especially from respondents in Shiselweni and Lubombo region, our Customer Service department is already working round the clock to come up with mitigating strategies. One of those is the mobile office, which is able to move to any part of the country with ease,” he said.

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