One stop-shop for traffic accidents reporting launched

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February 24, 2021
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April 13, 2021
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One stop-shop for traffic accidents reporting launched

The Seamless Sincephetelo Strategy 2020/24 continues to break new barriers in its quest to fully participate in the post-crash value chain, as was evident during the launch of the MVA/EMS Road Traffic Accident Call Centre based at the MVA Head Office.

This one stop shop in the reporting of road accidents, dispatch of ambulances as well as normal claim enquiries received through the Fund’s normal toll free line, are part of the collaboration’s first fruits in the management of road accident injury in the country’s roads.

The Ministry of Health’s Director of Health Services, Dr. Vusi Samuel Magagula, who was representing the Principal Secretary, officially opened the Call Centre on Wednesday. MVA Fund CEO David Myeni, when making his remarks, highlighted that the transformation of the Fund from a reactive to a proactive organisation placed the Fund in a position where
it needed to have access to accident data from the onset in order to swiftly activate its case management mechanisms, hence the re-routing of the EMS traffic desk.

“We are grateful for the support received from the Ministry of Health as well as the management of both institutions over the months of active engagement, culminating to the signing of a MoU at the beginning of 2021. This move places us at a position where we can afford accident victims the best chance to a normal life, as we would have intervened early to ensure that their treatment from accident scene to recovery is seamless,” he said.

Myeni also handed over a brand new ambulance that comprises a fully-fledged enhanced life support system to the EMS management through the office of the Health Principal Secretary, and pledged to continue supporting this initiative to ensure that it was a success in order to translate to better service delivery to road accidents.

“We would like to thank all stakeholders involved in the management of accident scenes,
prevention of accidents and all those in the post-crash value chain,” he added.

Please click this link below to access some pictures of the event.

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