The Motor Vehicle Accidents Fund (MVA Fund) commenced operations under the fuel levy system on 1 January 1988.

The MVA Fund was established by an Act of Parliament under the Motor Vehicle Accidents Act No. 13 of 1991 as the instrument by which the Government of Eswatini compensates road accidents victims who have suffered bodily injuries or loss of support following the death of breadwinners. 

In 2011, the Act was amended to incorporate the rehabilitation of accident victims rather than outright compensation in monetary terms as some claimants would then misuse the funds intended for their rehabilitation.

In 2020, the Fund adopted a new Strategy known as Seamless Sincephetelo Strategy 20/24, whereby the Fund now actively participates in the post-crash value chain. It, ensures that all road crash victims are well taken care of from the accident site (evacuation) up until the victim is ready to return to their normal life as it was before the accident occurrence (rehabilitation), down to the compensation of the accident victim.

The Fund also now actively participates in the alleviation of road accidents through the newly established Accident Prevention and Public Education Department and has recently crafted the Internal Accident Prevention Strategy in collaboration with relevant key players in the national road safety space.