The mandate of the MVA Fund is to provide compensation for certain loss or damage caused unlawfully by means of motor vehicles and for matters incidental thereto. The MVA Fund was established by an Act of Parliament under the Motor Vehicle Accidents Act No. 13 of 1991 as the instrument by which the Government of Eswatini compensates road accidents victims who have suffered bodily injuries or loss of support following the death of breadwinners.
To be a road accident Fund that provides best care and excellent service for value.
To effectively provide quality medical treatment, rehabilitation and compensation for motor vehicle accident victims, and to collaborate with stakeholders in the prevention of road traffic accidents, through implementing global best practices.

We will always demonstrate the highest level of professionalism when working with stakeholders and clients.


We will always demonstrate the highest level of integrity when working with stakeholders and clients.


We will always express the highest level of compassion when dealing with clients’ cases.


We will always work as one united team, at section, departmental and corporate level Innovation  We will seek to apply innovative and technology-driven ways and methods in delivering solutions/services to our clients.