As envisioned, the SMVAF is redefining its approach in its noble mandate to remedy the loss and lighten the burden of injuries and death caused by the widespread of traffic accidents in eSwatini.

The 2020-2024 Strategic Road Map points at many avenues worth pursuing in order to achieve the envisaged new bold future amongst which is persuasion of accident prevention so as to combat that the ever rising claims emanating from the escalating and rampant traffic accidents with our road networks.

 In the Fund’s legislation there is a  provision that explicitly directs the organization to pursue and promote Road Safety Awareness as captured in Section4(j) of the MVA Amendment Act of 2011.

The same piece of legislation has been manipulated to establish a fully fledged Accident Prevention &Public Education Department to drive a reliable program for road safety activations, initiatives and undertakings.

Here below is an approach the work stream would follow using different modes of operations:

The Fund shall implement weekly educational programmes on various media platforms such as radio, television, print and social media and any other platform as deemed necessary on the following topics:
  • traffic safety
  • pedestrian safety
  • MVA procedures
  • and any other awareness related to accident prevention and public education
1Schools Education
Scholars are one of the most vulnerable road users in the Kingdom given that most of them walk (pedestrian) to and from school. We propose various strategies aimed at enforcing road safety such as:
  • Scholar patrols
  • Road safety clubs
  • Essay writing competitions
  • Debates
  • Music competitions (choral)
  • Road safety presentations
2Tinkhundla Centres / Imphakatsi / Communities
  • Public education
  • Legislators
  • Road Safety
  • MVA processes
  • Outdoor/Indoor branding awareness such as MVA cycle charts
  • Cattle Rangers
  • Dip Tank education
  • Impounding Centres
  • MVA awareness at vetinary centres
4Institutional Fleet Management Education

such as PSV’s, Government / armed forces vehicles, corporate companies, churches and trucking industry, etc.

  • Vehicle roadworthiness
  • Overloading
  • Compliance
  • Speeding
  • Driver attitudes and behaviors
5Pedestrian Behaviour, Vulnerability and Fatality


  • Erratic behavior
  • Drunkenness
  • Non-compliance with infrastructural provisions
  • Peer pressure education


  • Exposure to non accommodative road infrastructure
  • Erratic motorists behavior


  • More pedestrians die on the road than any other road user
6Bikers, Cyclist and Joggers
  • Create awareness amongst other road users of their presence and safety
  • Create awareness on bikers, cyclists and joggers through their clubs
  • Public education
7Major National Events

Promotion and support of road safety mechanisms through awareness, education, and visibility

  • Ingwenyama Cup
  • Umhlanga
  • Buganu / Umhlanga / Incwala
  • Bushfire and other nationally acclaimed festivals
8Internal Stakeholder Support

Interlinking with various departments utilising mobile office to push departmental and ultimately Fund mandates

  • Case Management
  • Communications
  • Customer Service
  • Investigation
  • Right of Recourse

Road Safety  is a shared responsibility hence the fund is at all times looking at avenues for collaborating  with stakeholders for a common puporse to prevent accidents on the road network which as captured here below:

 The Fund will set out to effectively provide medical treatment, rehabilitation and compensation for motor vehicle accidents victims and to collaborate with stakeholders in the prevention of traffic accidents through the implementation of global best practices.

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