Slide Stories BLESSING DLAMINI JUDE GILBERT SELULEKO HLANZE PHUMLILE MATSENJWA #GETTING BACK ON TRACK Fikile Khumalo’s life suddenly changed while driving home from RFM Hospital in Manzini, where her daughter had been hospitalized. Her husband, who was the driver, lost control of the vehicle, resulting in a crash that claimed his life, while she sustained severe injuries. In 2010, when Slondile was just 21 months old, she was involved in a truck accident that sent her infant life on a trajectory her mother would have never imagined. Due to spinal injuries sustained, Her mother, Nokujola had to quit her teaching career to take care of her little one. In 18 May 2018, Mrs. Greenhead was walking to work when she was hit by a car from behind, unexpectedly. She sustained internal injuries that developed into complicated medical conditions. As a long-serving police officer, Blessing had experienced first-hand the very real dangers of the responding to emergencies and solving crime. He can see the irony, and counts himself incredibly lucky, that his closest brush with death came in the form of a car accident. Jude is leading a life he didn’t plan or envisage, and one that, in recent years, has included considerable challenges. Yet he says he wouldn’t change it for anything. He is a former rugby player and a biker, he crashed his motorcycle onto a kombi that abruptly stopped as he approached behind. School-going pedestrians are among the most vulnerable road users on Eswatini roads. And on this one fateful day, 11-year-old Seluleko became one of those youngsters to be injured on her way to school. In 2004, Phumlile was involved in a tragic accident at the tender age of 5 years. While walking with her sister, she was knocked down by vehicle driven by a drunk driver, resulting in the amputation of her left leg. Claimants who have gone through or are still going through our rehabilitation program came through to share their experiences Nokuhle Mamba Slondile
Fikile Khumalo Hazel Greenhead Blessing Dlamini Phumlile Seluleko Hlanze Jude Gilbert Hover
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HAZEL GREENHEAD SLONDILE SHABANGU FIKILE KHUMALO (Big bend) (Khubuta) (Bhunya) (Sigcaweni) (Siphofaneni) (Mahhwalala) (Checkers) (Kaluhleko, Bhunya) Matsenjwa

Welcome to MVA

The Motor Vehicle Accidents Fund (MVA Fund) commenced operations under the fuel levy system on the 1st January 1988.

The MVA Fund was established by an Act of Parliament under the Motor Vehicle Accidents Act No. 13 of 1991 as the instrument by which the Government of Swaziland compensates road accidents victims who have suffered bodily injuries or loss of support following the death of breadwinners. Between 1973 and 1986, compensation to road victims was operated by the Insurance Industry under Third Party premiums.

“ To be a road accident fund that provides best care and excellent service for value”.

“To effectively provide quality medical treatment, rehabilitation and compensation for motor vehicle accident victims, and to collaborate with stakeholders in the prevention of road traffic accidents, through implementing global best practices.”

P- Professionalism - Bunyonincwa.

I – Integrity - Bucotfo

C – Compassion - Luvelwano

T – Teamwork - Lubanjiswano

I – Innovation


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